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Eternal grattitude for following our journey and supporting us along the way. Your support means a lot to us.




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About Chillhop Music

Why supporting us matters a lot
About a year ago, I decided to put my full time & effort into making Chillhop music the best thing it could possibly be. I'm fully dedicated to the music, but at this point we barely make anything out of it yet. I live at my parents place to cut down on monthly costs and be able to focus on Chillhop Music fully while also being able to spend money on the development of the platform. To sum it up, this is the moment a boost from our fans is really vital for the growth of our platform and for me to continue to do this.

What will the money be spent on?
New projects, more professional approach, more releases with your favorite artists, allowing those involved to put more time into it (even more than we do now). Basically, every penny you pledge will really help make Chillhop Music the best platform it can be.

To everyone who supports us
You mean the world to us, and seeing support from our fans makes all the time and effort we put into it worth it. Thank you!

$58 of $250 per month
We will make a 24/7 Livestream with chat and other cool functionalities.
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