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Just because a 44cm bar works for you in one brand, doesn't me a 44cm will work from another brand. is a website that I created out of the frustration that occurred when I was searching to find the right handlebars for my bicycle. I didn't want to spend $50 to $200+ only to find out that the bars didn't work for me and my riding style.

I had a pair of bars that I liked, so I started looking for similar ones, scaling them, and comparing them in Photoshop. I thought "Hey, other people would probably like this to", so I created a little website with a few bars and the rest is history.

It has been exciting receiving all of the love and support from people across the world who has been able to help. I've received praise from bike shops around the globe that are using the site on a regular basis.

One of the biggest advancements was when I started to receive buy-in from manufacturers. With technical drawings of all their handlebars, the accuracy of the website has improved greatly. Did you know a lot of manufacturers measure the width of their bars from different locations?

Velo Orange was gracious enough to support my website to help pay for some of initial updates, and to appreciate the time I spent building out the tool, but to continue growing the website the funds are all out of my pocket.

There are a number of features that people have requested that I would love to make, but I'm currently looking at about $7,500 to $10,000CAD to hire a developer to help me build out these features.


Add the ability to compare front and side views. 

...In addition to the top views already available. This is dependent on whether manufacturers have these drawings to send, but would be an asset to anyone looking to compare drop, rise and flare and would make the website much more useful for drop handlebar users.

Add Sort, Filter and Search functionality to the table.

With so many handlebars in the database, it's getting a little long to scroll around to try and find the specific bar you want to compare. This would allow you to filter out a range of sizes you're interested in, or sort the table by width, brand, rise, etc.

Add Colourization

Especially when comparing more than 2 bars, it can become difficult to see which details below to which overlay, since they're all grey. This would require me to limit the number of selections at one time to 5 or 6 so that I could choose 5 or 6 colours. When you select a bar in the field, the colour would correspond with the drawing in the viewer.

Create A Backend Interface

Currently I have the website hard coded, so added new bars can be a cumbersome process. Creating a backend for the website would streamline updates and make adding new handlebars a much quicker, easier process.
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