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About Christine

Hey, I'm Christine Hipp, and with your support I can continue to make comics and keep them freely available for everyone to enjoy.

My goal is to lovingly craft a short story every month. The genres of these stories will change, (and some of them will probably be NSFW) but overall there will be a focus on charming stories with a diverse chast of characters and really good art. By supporting me on patreon you're helping to make that financially possible.

As a thank you, patrons get access to in progress pages, early updates, and some can even appear as background characters. Somewhere down the line I'd like to work on a graphic novel length story, and with your help I'll be able to abstain from freelance work and fully commit to bringing that story to life.

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All patrons get a PDF of my first comic ever- OUT, the 24 page story of a young woman who hasn't left the house in 3 months but *gasp* she's out of milk!
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