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is creating dumb drawings, etc.
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About Chip Wiseman

Hey, I'm Chip and I make dumb drawings or something. I've been drawing since the age of 8, but I've only really gotten serious about improving my art since about 2016. Other than that, I love branching out and trying new things, so don't be surprised if I post weird innocuous videos, or written work, or other things of that calibre.

As some measure of quantifying what'll be posted here, there's a points system! Every patronable post will contain at least 50 points worth of content. Different types of content are worth different amounts of points:
3 points - Sketches (+1 per additional character)
9 points - Inked line drawings/flat coloured drawings (+3 per additional character)
15 points - Coloured + shaded drawings (+5 per additional character)
3 points - Vlogs
5 points - Short analytical videos (working title "Noodle Nuggets")
15 points - Retro game retrospectives (working title "R.A.Memory Lane")

Note: points values are subject to change at my discretion. It shouldn't make too much of a difference to new content, just be aware that old posts may reflect different values.
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