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About Chital

Hi there! I'm Chital, a digital artist from rural Oklahoma who likes drawing cute animals. Maybe you like my work? Want to throw a buck or two my way? Cool!

Welcome to my humble little patreon! I don't have any huge plans for this at the moment and I definitely don't want to put my work behind a massive paywall, so this'll mostly function as a little sketchbook behind a tip jar. It's not much, but if you'd like to support me a little, feel free to throw me some change and I'll share some secret doodles with you as thanks. ;3c

What to expect...
→ Monthly art requests
→ WIPs & sketches I don't post anywhere else!
→ First dibs & priority on commissions, when available
→ Occasional private art streams
→ Designs & website development for Sushi Dogs

As I have no strict posting schedule, new posts will be made haphazardly over the month depending on how much I produce and how much I'm allowed to share.

The one constant will be monthly art requests, which will be taken on the 1st of each month and completed throughout the month! Unfortunately I won't be able to do every request I get every month unless I have a very small number of patrons, but I'll do my best!

Additionally, patrons will earn loyalty points for every month pledged! These points can be traded in for art commissions and potentially other things in the future, we'll see. 👀

Guaranteed art commission tiers may be opened in the future depending on interest and my own availability. This patreon page is sort of a work in progress right now, so feel free to let me know what kinds of rewards you'd like to see! (feel free to suggest more silly deer puns I could name new tiers as well)

And whether you pledge or not, thank you so much for supporting me! Not to sound corny but it means a lot to me to have so many people around me who appreciate what I do, and I hope I can continue doing what I love for a long time to come.

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Thanks, friend! You get access to my patron-only feed where I'll take monthly art requests and post sketches, WIPs, and early access commission slots when available (as well as some other stuff if I have anything else to share). Nice!

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(Private streams will be on a schedule rather than being on a "whenever I feel like it" basis!)
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