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Thank you, your donations are a big help!
If you like you can join Channel two, where I broadcast extra material especially for those supporting the project. I am also setting up a private YouTube Account for people to access past videos.
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You have just helped out covering my rent. I will do my best to stay humble.

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If, when I am travelling, (or if you are) and we are in the same area, I will do my best to meet you for a cup of tea.

I will also offer up to two free in person group classes per month, whenever we are both in the same area. This includes group healings and regular classes and a $15 discount on workshops.

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Access to Channel Two and a Private YouTube Channel for Patreons.




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About Jay Glubb


My name is Jay and I am passionate about teaching Qigong ( Pronounced Chi-Gong).  Qigong is a type of moving meditation art form from China that can change and improve our life in a whole new way.
My project is Chi-TV, where I give free live video broadcasts of my teaching work straight into a Facebook group  to give easy access to this valuable tool to friends and students. You can find me at (https://web.facebook.com/groups/chitv/).

I give classes and offer valuable tips about how to improve life and how to be more relaxed, calm and joyful in daily life. This is a big project, and I am only just getting started.

Actually I am guessing if you made it this far, you already know me or my work and I thank you all very sincerely for your support in whatever form it takes.

 Your donations will help sustain this project of mine, both helping to fund the studio that I am working from, internet, equipment, repairs and training and affording me more time to creating informative videos, writing and art to complement my online classes. It also means that my work will be available to all who can benefit from it whilst ideally providing me with a living wage.

Pledges start from as little as $2 a month, a fraction of what I charge for my in person classes. For Pledges $5 or higher I will offer additional classes and if for any reason you want to stop your payment it is very easy to do so. 

$0 of $1,500 per month
when I reach $1500 a month, ( $375 a week) I feel I will have sufficient income for my daily needs and for the project in general. I will be able to look after my family well and live a simple live. Over $1500 and I will look at how I can include other teachers in my work also.
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