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Sorry, I meant NEWSNEWSNEWS!!! A fortnightly newsletter, to be exact. Featuring movie reviews, enemy lists, and much more.

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On top of the Newsletter, each week I will pick a random patron's name and create a humourous anagram (NOTE: anagram may contain fun Bonus Letters!) and feature them on my Instagram stories 



About Dermot Ward

You know that guy from the internet with the massive forehead who's still somehow devastatingly handsome? Well, he's not the only one with a massive forehead!

This Patreon is for anyone and everyone who may enjoy my silly bullshit and wants to see more of it.

Two tiers are currently available:

For $2 a month, you will receive a fortnightly (or bimonthly? Wait, is bimonthly even a word?) newsletter featuring movie reviews, games, specially curated music playlists, and the ingredients to the life-extending elixir*

(*this part may not be true)

The second $4 tier not only gives patrons access to the Newsletter, but also a chance to be shouted out on my Instagram stories through the ancient art of funny anagrams! Each week I'll chose one patron at random and anagram the bejesus out of their name (I may even throw in some fun Bonus Letters if it makes things easier for me)

This is hopefully just the beginning, as my silly bullshit knows no bounds.

So come on in!

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