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Hi, I am Claudio, I'm 31 and I'm from Portugal. I do speak 5 languages now but only 2 are not rusty.

Coming from a family of workaholics, I like to create stuff. 

Look, there are a lot of sites that are missing on the internet. Some of them could just save us time or an extra click, others would just become important tools.

I am committed to either build those tools or to improve them, one page at a time. It is really impressive that in 2018 still so many things are announced and then forgotten.
For example:
  • If Alexa is so used, why isn't there an Alexa that opens their multi stream? 
  • If VR is the new thing and there are dozens of devices, why isn't there a proper database to compare and categorize them?
  • If Double XP is something so straightforward, why do we need super complex websites to show us full calendars of all the upcoming events?
  • Why aren't there more websites that are actually virtual rooms?
  • Why isn't any more developers following twitter's example and having the website basically behaving like an app, even if the user is offline? 
Some of these questions don't need an answer or are not profitable enough to chase.

Hence this Patreon.

With your support, I'll be able to keep on working on these projects or really any project directly or indirectly benefit a group of users.

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The technical server infrastructure will be secured and allow for future projects to be hosted and created on it.
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