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The fact you have taken time to watch my videos and continue to join me on my adventures means so much. But the thought of you potentially helping support me in producing travel content, helping others, and continuing our travels means even more than I can describe. Your support means the world to me and whether there is a dollar sign connected to it or not, I appreciate each and every one of you.
I was a teacher with many side jobs. I quit one of my jobs and started traveling more. I create traveling content and upload whenever possible but will be more consistent over time providing you guys traveling tips, and full review of each destination I venture to. Hope you guys join me along the journey !:)
As a Patron you get access to my exclusive Facebook Group. I will openly answer any questions about travel costs, share behind the scenes info on our experiences and talk about our upcoming travel plans - all questions from Patrons. You will learn travel tips from my travels for your own adventures. I will show you location-specific information about how to save money on the road, how to find the best places to stay, and more. You will also see what not to do as I share when things go wrong.
To be honest, I make no money from creating videos. I do it because I love to travel and I love to help people accomplish things they never thought was possible. The money will cover transportation costs when I’m out travelling and creating videos! I take our work very seriously. Vloggers are the new media now and I love to show everyone what the world is really like.
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