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Hello! I am glad a lot that you ar
e here. Welcome!

My name is Chris. I love to draw very much and want to spend more time for this, for practics and self expression. I work on it because of personal emthusiasm. Make fan-art and original content; robots, sci-fi, horror, anime and manga stuff, transformers.

What can I offer to you?

I have many various WIP materials, and there was not other place for them except my personal archive. But as it turned out, these also can be interesting for public. And Patreon became the best decision!

This content is SFW. However, If this includes NSFW (nude, erotic, gore or other), you will be notificated about this advance, and you will see it only if wish (please, this way you confirm that you are 18+).

The count of materials can be unequally from month to month, something even can be missed once or added. It depends on what was done on the month. 

Communication rules?

I know that my English is not well enough, so if I made some mistakes, thank you for your patience. Or you always can hit me up for them.

I publish materials at the 01–10 day of a month. The exception is polls, artworks and texts — they can appear throughout the month. About any delay I always inform through my chattered [ Twitter ].

You also can find me here:

Socials: [ Twitter ] [ Instagram ] [ Tumblr ] [ Pillowfort ]

[ #ChrisLukinaArt ] hashtag in socials

Contact e-mail: [ chris.lukina at gmail dot com ]

Portfolio: [ Artstation ]

Shops: Commissions ] [ InPrnt ]

Thank you very much for your support:»

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