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is creating useful and innovative mobile apps. :)
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About Chris M.


My name is Christopher Markov and I love developing innovative apps for Antroid OS. My life developed in quite an unusual way, I graduated Law and worked as a lawyer for several years, before finally realizing that this is not my true calling and gave it up for what really makes me happy - technology, programming and mobile devices. I made some apps, initially for my personal use, but then decided to share them and people seemed to like them as much as I did. The most popular has more then half a million downloads, which in itself is the biggest reward for me. I make my apps with a lot of passion and commitment, I'd love to be able to dedicate all my time to it and come up with more ideas for interesting apps. Also, in an ideal world I'd really want my apps and all their features to be freely available to anyone who wants to use them. Unfortunately the way society works requires everything to be monetized, or it's just not possible to do it, due to people needing money to live.
So this patreon page is my attempt to see if the ideal scenario is possible after all, meaning that:
1. I could make a living of my app development efforts and
2. be able to make all my work freely available to everyone, so that it would have the most positive impact to the largest number of people possible.
So anyone who decides to support me here would also be helping all the other people, who would benefit from my apps being totally free. I really feel this is the most sensible way of organizing not just creative, but any work at all, it is the most open and beneficial to everyone. I hope this replaces the current socio-economic scheme some day. 

You can find all my apps on Google Play here.

Best regards,
$0 of $500 per month
If we ever reach this goal I would be able to fully dedicate all my time to develop not only my current apps, but all the other cool apps I have in mind, as a cyberpunk MMORPG and many, many more! :)
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