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I'm a writer.  I write.  It's kind of what I do.

At present my writings live at Stealing Commas.

I usually write in fiction fragments.  Sometimes a single scene, sometimes less.  That . . . doesn't leave me with a lot of stories that have beginnings, middles, and ends.  Sometimes I write the fragment and move on.  Sometimes I keep returning to the story or its universe, but traditional narrative form is something that's seldom attained simply because it takes a lot of fragments to make one whole story.

My fragments tend to fall into (oversimplifying here) three categories:
  1. Entirely original work.  This is exactly what it sounds like.
  2. Serious parody.  People tend to forget this exists outside of lawsuits and that's a real shame.  There are so many stories that you can look at and see the other stories within them, and told right those other stories, in themselves, represent a commentary on the original that can be anything from scathing to laudatory.  They don't have to take the form of pointing and laughing.
  3. (Hopefully) funny parody.  This is the parody people remember outside of court and watch on SNL.  It may have deep and meaningful points to make, but even then it's in a jocular form.
I also sometimes write things other than fiction like what it's like to live with depression, thoughts on the tax code, observations on civic buildings, and the experience of going to Arisia.

Then there are the pictures.  My mind is very non-visual.  I don't even think there are words to describe what I "see" in my mind's eye because I could not produce an actual image to save my life.  So I take pictures.  Lots of pictures.  All the time.  Sometimes I digitally play with them.  Sometimes I share them as is.

It has been a very long time since I've made a puzzle, and the reason is simply that I don't have the money.  But I have made them, and I'd like to again.  When Erno Rubik made his cube he set off a slow revolution of puzzle design, and now that it's reached its golden age . . . I can't afford to do anything.  I'd like to change that.  The mouthful that was the fully functional extended cuboctahedron shouldn't be my last puzzle.  At least I don't think so.
31% complete
I'll actually put my writings into a coherent and easy to navigate form, that being a yearly anthology of writings that were popular that year.

Idea shamelessly stolen from Ana Mardoll.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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