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About Chris Cape

Hi! Chris Cape here. Thank you for visiting me on Patreon. Through this page you can support me with a monthly donation to help me continue the development my music and related projects. In return for your support, I can share exclusive content with you such as early releases, works in progress, behind-the-scenes footage, special merchandise, and other rad stuff! Have a look at the different rewards and find what suits you best. They may be tweaked over time as things develop and as I learn more about what works best for all of us. Looking forward to connecting with you in a whole new way!

All tiers rewards on my page are just guidelines and being an artistic creative I may well stray from them. Usually this straying off the path leads to exciting places! I imagine I will have ideas of cool things to share with you that haven't been mentioned in any of the rewards. If such things are happening and working well, then other things may take a backseat. I will be reviewing all tiers as time goes on and tweaking things to get the best out of this platform for all of us! Let's do this!

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