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 For pledging $5, you will receive high quality .mp3 files of a cover you like.(specify which cover) Additionally, you can request a cover if you like. These cover requests are a priority and I'll try my best to perform them ^.^




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About Chriska_xoxo

Greetings all! \^.^/
My name is Chris, and I am an instrumentalist that loves to play the Violin, Viola, Flute and whatever I can learn musically to play for everyone. I play video game and Anime covers and what you guys and gals like on YouTube! Currently, I am studying as a full-time college student to be a music teacher and to play in Orchestras everywhere. It is a dream of mine :)

What is Patreon?Through this platform, fans can support content creators by pledging a certain amount of money to support their content. In return, fans can get various rewards for pledging! I think this is a really wonderful way for us content creators to earn money for our content!

Why Patreon?I started making covers actively again and love the support. I have always been very passionate about both music and video games, and this channel combines these two interests! Countless hours of time is spent creating a single video: arranging, notating, recording, and editing both the audio and film. I have had to learn to do this completely on my own, and I have a lot more experience to gain through this process. With your help, I can continue to improve my content through better equipment for audio production (VSTs, plugins, better DAWs) and video production (camera, lenses, lighting, and video editing software). I think this would be a great way to improve this channel through financial help so I can create amazing covers that everyone loves. Every single cent earned through this Patreon campaign will be spent back into this channel so I can continue to grow as a creator!

What if I only want to pledge once, or donate more/less?
Anyone who pledges has complete control over what they donate. You can always cancel at any time, and can set a specific amount if you do not want to follow the rewards. Patreon is extremely flexible, so don't sweat it! :D

There is absolutely zero obligation to pledge, and I will continue to make videos no matter how many people support! Even just watching my videos means the absolute world to me! I am so grateful for anyone who supports me in an way, pledging or not. Thank you so much for your time and support. I appreciate it soooo much. ^.^
$5 of $15 per creation
With this goal, I will purchase some new plugins for my video editing software to make video editing more efficient and a lot faster to get my videos uploading nicely. :)
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