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This is your way of saying "you go, buddy, do your thing" and it's very nice of you and I thank you for it.

This means you can read the locked posts, which for now is most of them.

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You really care! And you're interested in seeing what I have to say and helping me find more time and energy to say more things!

Not sure what that says about you, friend-o, but something-something gift horses and their mouths, right?

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Not sure what you're trying to say by giving me a whole two-and-a-half sawbucks per month, but whatever it is I like it. You're investing in whatever this crazy thing is going to become, hopefully getting a few laughs out of it, and making therapy a more affordable ongoing endeavor. Cheers!




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About Sick

Hello, I'm Sick.

After years of substance abuse and addiction I got sober and shortly thereafter returned to school to complete my bachelor's degree. Around that time I entered into therapy and was lucky enough to find a therapist who is whip-smart, understanding, insightful, and funny as hell.

These are some of our conversations.

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