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About Christie Freya

Hello! I'm Christie, nice to meet you! :)

Here's three random facts about me:
  • I love the Pusheen franchise
  • I'm 18 years old (everyone thinks I'm 20)
  • I love to express my creativity through my hair!

Now here's a more professional overlook on me:
Patreon has already helped me so so much! I've been able to get my dream camera, the Canon 700D dslr, and a high quality microphone, thanks to the help of my amazing friends and patrons. I'm so damn grateful for your help!
Before creating this page I wondered to myself - I've been creating a content for over two years now (crazy how time flies!), I'm dedicated and I damn love this YouTube stuffs, maybe someone would like to offer a bit of help along my journey? As little as £2 per month will get me a step closer to achieving my long-term goals, will you consider lending a hand?

Why should you support me?

Well, I'll start it off by saying... It would prove to me that you are one generous human being! But no for real, there are many reasons you could support me and here they are. The first one being, everybody needs support, as I'm quite young it can be a struggle when seeking employment. Being a Patreon supporter of mine will mean that you are supporting me daily, working my BUTT off for YouTube to get out amazing and regular content out for you. It will also mean that I will be able to afford things as simple as bus fare for travelling, which unfortunately can become a hassle sometimes. Another reason is that you can help me save up for things I want, especially equipment to enhance the quality of my videos, or just to aid my saving for things as basic as a new fancy Kirby notebook I saw on Redbubble. (They're actually so damn great and funny, search up "Kirby notebook" in Google, the second result should be pretty epic.)
The last reason, being very simple, it would just be that extra boost of encouragement I need to keep sharing my videos with the world! On days where every inch of motivation has left me, your support via Patreon will be the thing that gives me a pat on the back that tells me "you can do this."

Thank you for reading <3
Kind regards, Christie

"Fun fact. Scientific evidence shows that if you support me and become a patron, you instantly become 1045793% cooler." ~ me

"Support the wonderful Pusheen Queen!" ~ MilliesTVTime, 2018

"We're supporters, not enablers" ~ Jack Sutton, 2018
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