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There has been significant problems identified in the electronic music community regarding the participation of women. The largest problem being that the number of women utilizing both software and hardware synthesizers is exceptionally small. This is particularly noticeable in the modular synthesis community, where only a small handful of women are active participants. 

This has not always been the case, many of the early pioneers of electronic and experimental music were women. Women were the early adopters of synthesizers for musical composition and production, long before they were widely available. Laurie Spiegel, Delia Derbyshire, and Daphne Oram paved the way for early electronic music, but also contributed to the early engineering efforts of music technology. This is a history that should not be ignored, and should be celebrated. 

I created the MsModular blog to both recognize women synthesists, but also try to bring in more women as participants in the music technology community. The blog is intended to be both a resource and a celebration of electronic and experimental music creation. 

As a matter of respect, please give no more than $1 per month if you are donating. 

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