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Who am I?
I’m Christine. I make stuff, write stories, and ask questions. 

The long yarn: I’m a Southern artist (from east Tennessee) living in Canada, where I write fantasy, dabble in science fiction, and use several mediums to create art. Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it’s ridiculous.

I’ve been described as witchy, weird, nerdy, dark elvish, geeky, and a “tree-huggin’ artsy fartsy hippie” that “writes too much”, “cares too much” and sometimes “asks too many questions”.

When I’m not making art, I’m playing games, binge watching LOTR for the millionth time, or exploring a local park.

What’s the deal?
Most of my time has been alone in my home making things, rarely sharing the end result. I’ve grown into a new stage as an artist. My hope is to use art to connect people...with self, with each other, and with nature. I want to tell stories and I want to hear your stories. Joining the creative realm shouldn’t be a prescription to isolation, but a way to contribute to the world’s narrative. Art is a language, what use is dialogue in a vacuum?

(By the way, Wyrd is pronounced like weird.)

Why Patreon?
My Patreon is a circle of folks that want to support my work and connect with not only each other, but to discovery. It’s the old school way artists used to work. I explore projects in my studio, and patrons give in order to keep the projects alive. In return, I offer gifts back.

The method to my madness tends to look like an explorer going a little too far. I pick a subject, collect data and experiences, take notes, push myself, then bring back what I’ve learned in order to share it. I don’t operate as a teacher, but as a guide. If you’re an artist or want to be, if you’re a writer that struggles, or someone wanting to understand creativity better my Patreon community can offer insight, guidance, solace, and encouragement. If you’re simply an art lover and want to still be a patron, feel free! Patrons can participate as little or as much as desired. Everyone gets rewards and behind the scenes tokens.

The first tier is the key in, and it gives you access to the community, my studio, and the projects I’m working on. Each tier you give into beyond that provides extras, like collector discounts, exclusive things, and stuff I don’t share with the public. Look at each tier to see details. Patrons can change or cancel their tier at anytime. I do offer free things on my site as well.

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The Briny Deep Our quest begins in the dark, in the deep blue. Bonus: Giveaway
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