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About Christ Life Art

One God - One Goal - His Glory

Hello, my name is Shawn Collins, and I love to create! From childhood doodles, to pen and ink illustrations, and now in my exploration of printmaking, I’ve always loved the challenge of bringing the visuals in my imagination out into reality.

For many years I have created artwork simply for the joy of creating and I never put much thought behind what I was making. But then something changed. I changed. Or better yet, God changed me. When that took place the what and why behind my creating also started to change and began to focus on one great goal. The goal of God’s glory.

Now as an artist my purpose in creating is to point others to the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is out of this desire and a response to the call of God to use all my creative efforts for him that I started CLA.

CLA actually finds its roots in a blog I created in 2009 as a place to share my drawings and artwork. It took on many forms over the years, however in 2014 God came into my life, saved me, and changed me forever! Then after much prayer and conviction, in June of 2019, Christ Life Art became an official business.

While CLA is a business and place for me to sell my artwork and products I create, its vision and mission remain focused on things of eternal value.

Vision Statement
CLA seeks lead people into a deeper love of God through a wider view of His glory.

Mission Statement
CLA makes available God centered works of art and content that convey the truth of scripture to encourage faith and strengthen the heart of the believer.

That is why I say that there is one God, and I have one Goal, to proclaim His glory.

So how do I do this?

Visual Exhortation
This is the use of visual art mediums as a powerful means of communication to point viewers to the glory of God. Every piece that is created will be accompanied by a short article to add more context and clearly communicate the message behind it. This also allows for those who purchase one of my works to be equipped to speak to the works meaning with others when they ask about it.

Sunday Reflections
This is a (mostly) weekly article series where I share short devotions based on experiences with God through my own times of Bible study, from a sermon, times of worship, or just from living life. It is a place to connect over real life and reflect on how the word of God guides us through our journey to be more like Him.

That is what Christ Life Art is all about!

Sound like something you want to support? You can become a patron of CLA to help me fund my creative adventures while also scoring some sweet benefits! Including discounts, free prints, insider knowledge, and more! Check out the support tiers to see what level of support is best for you.

You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions and check out

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