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I am incredibly humbled and honored that you want to support the work that I'm doing to spread the wisdom found in Natural Farming. Thank you. Thank you for be willing to help me dedicate more time to this work. It is very important to me and your support will help me have the valueable time needed to dedicate to this vision. I hope that one day we can walk into any grocery store and find food that is once again medicine. I hope that those who are under the lie that they need to buy expensive inputs to grow crops on their land, will be freed and learn the truth that all land can be good for growing food, even bare lava rock.
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There are LOTS of topics to teach in Korean Natural Farming

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Wow! We can do this!
I will make a multi step online class if we reach this goal.
The class will guide you through the various parts of this KNF journey.
-You will choose what you learn, there will be small modules so that you can pick and choose where to study.
-Patreon patrons will get access to more, and have discount codes.
It is major to get into this for me, but I think we can do it!
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