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“Greetings weary traveller, the roads of Erinoth are hard trodden in these darkening days, why not rest a moment and see what we have to offer…”

So what will you be seeing here?
Grab your sword and cloak, we're going on an adventure!
You'll get to see all manner or arcane secrets and mysteries of the beyond... or, probably just a load of fantasy drawings and comics... yeah that seems more likely.
Oh, and the zines. Best not forget the zines... but more on those in a moment!

What will your support do?
Simply? Help me afford to make art!
The creative industries bring happiness to millions but pay those who work in them very poorly. However, your support on Patreon no matter how small will help me to continue to create and share comics and stories.

now onto the fun bit
What’s in it for you?
You'll still get all the fun stuff you expect on patreon like behind the scenes updates and exclusives, but you will also get...
Quarterly parcels of joy delivered to your door by magic/pigeon/postman containing a fresh off the press sketch zine!
Each zine will be themed loosely on a different part of the fantasy world of Erinoth and contain plethora of colour illustrations and sketches. From undead and demons to adventurers, dungeons, folk tales and forests, every 3 months you'll get something different and even get the chance to make requests. Whats more, now and then you'll even get whole short comics, now you can't argue with that!
Check out the pledge tiers to find out more about what you get! (all tiers subject to change before launch in June!)

  • How many pages will the zines be - 16 - 20 pages on average, some will be much longer though!
  • Will they be full colour - the artwork will be mix of colour and black and white artwork
  • what will they contain? - Sketches, pinups and illustrations, one page comics, maps, perhaps even short stories. every copy will be different!
  • Will the zines be available elsewhere - Zines & comics will be available at conventions in limited numbers!
  • When will zines ship- every three months after launch of the first zine!
  • when do I get my first zine - after you have been a patron for 3 months  
  • What happens if I pledge just before a zine is released - if you pledge just before they ship you can add the extra costs in your first payment to receive the upcomming zine. Otherwise you will receive it 3 months after your first payment
  • can I get back issues of zines?  - Patrons (only) will be able to purchase back issues, stock levels depending!

Thank you for your support!

Find me online:
[email protected] Blackfeathersketchbook

93% complete
If we reach the next goal I'll start getting each Zine professionally printed AND make them 24 pages +
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 69 exclusive posts
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