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You're my patron!!! Imagine me giving you a sick high five! THANK YOU!
Mega Rad!!!
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Hey, that's fantastic! Do you have a request for a sketch? You get the chance to throw your ideas at me and let your voice be HEARD
Super Cool, Nice!!
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Incredible! You're on another level! You'll get to request / suggest colored pieces of art as well as sketches! Fantastic, pal!!
Holy Cow!
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Every month, we'll have a patron-only live stream just for us, plus all previous rewards! I'm stealing the text from the Patreon prompt because that's a great idea! AND you'll get to request fully colored drawing ideas! Fully lined, colored, shaded... the whole deal!
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I don't even know what to say! If you pledge 20 big ones, I'll do a full art piece for you! I do reserve the right to decline if what's being requested is pertaining to anthro materials, but otherwise, let's do it!! AND all previous rewards! Fantastic!
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Oh my lord, how did you pull this off??? Look. You obviously seem to know what you're doing, so I'll just draw anything you want at this point. One drawing per month will be completely yours to request, + all other tiers. I'm terrified of your commitment, pal. 




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About Ollie Waggoner

HI!!!!!! My name is Ollie, and I'm really excited to do art ... FOR YOU!

I'm an adult artist who's been drawing for almost two decades, but now I'd like to get mildly consistent funding for the art I do produce!

Thank you for taking a look at my page!
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When I hit 100 per month, I'll be able to get better equipment! Like... a nice wrist brace so my wrists don't just up and die on me! Or maybe, someday, a better tablet!! The world is full of surprises!
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