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About Eswar Chukaluri

This is a group for anyone who wants to improve their English language skills through fun ways like debating on interesting topics. You can either participate in a real life debate or through a Google Hangout video conference. Therefore, there is no required minimum language level to join.

How the debates are organized?
Before the debate:
Everyone in the Meetup group will join a Whatsapp group for easy communication ( 1 week before the Meetup appointment, the debate topic will be announced in the Whatsapp group.

During the debate:
2 groups (let's call them Group A, Group B) will debate on the given topic. For the first half an hour Group A will argue in favor and Group B will argue against. For example, if the topic is "Feminism", for the first half an hour, Group A will argue in favor of feminism and Group B will argue against feminism. After half an hour, the groups will change their positions, which means Group A will argue against and Group B will argue in favor.

After the debate:
The moderator/s will give feedback to both groups on the English used (what can be improved, how it can be improved etc) and debating skills.
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