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SEPTEMBER 2016 UPDATE: I am no longer using Patreon to charge my patrons. Settings have been switched from monthly to 'per creation' and I will no longer be posting content here. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my through this site in both financial and non-financial ways. It has been, and remains, hugely appreciated. To keep up with what I'm doing in other places, go to my medium, my twitter, or my website.

JUNE 2016 UPDATE: I am going to be closing this Patreon account in September 2016, as part of a general review of my writing practice and its future. Payments taken at the start of Sept will be the last. Current donors will have details on forthcoming rewards in their messages. Follow me on twitter (@churlishmeg) to receive updates on what's next for me (and no doubt countless other trivialities). Thanks all! Meg xxx


I am a writer, blogger and fanzine-maker based in London. I mainly cover theatre and performance, and I mainly cover it using words, although sometimes I'll also use pictures, twine, jokes or emoji.
This is my blog: Synonyms for Churlish
And this is my twitter: @churlishmeg

I believe:
  • a vibrant blogging community is of great value to any industry it supports
  • good quality writing (on any platform) takes time and talent
  • the least informative and most naive theatre criticism can often be explained by a desperate hunt for paid work in an over-populated pool of writers, and a desperate hunt for 'content' by under-resourced editors
  • there is a place for intelligent, conceptual thinking in theatre criticism, but there is also a place for fun
  • the internet should be a free resource
  • critics/publications should pay for their tickets

(This guy knows the score)

I've been blogging about theatre in my spare time, for free, for about 6 years now, and writing about the arts more generally for much longer than that. I don't want to use that as a route into a standard (struggling) journalism career, but I do want to dedicate more time to covering the UK's wider theatre and performance work. Every month I am frustrated that I don't have enough time or disposable income to realise all the ideas I have, to learn about podcasting or software like Twine, to see more shows, or to visit work in different parts of the country/world.

This Patreon has been set up in response to that, with the idea that this income will enable me to:
  • dedicate more time to criticism by, I hope, reducing the hours I work in a reg'lar job
  • buy more tickets from cash-strapped artists and producers
  • travel further and more frequently, to cover more work outside London
  • realise some of my more ambitious ideas (no spoilers)
  • ultimately, ensure that my blog continues, and that I don't have to give it all up because of The Man

All the work on my blog will continue to be free, without so much as a Google AdWord in sight. There are additional rewards available to patrons though, including two exclusive fanzines a year for everyone who gives $6 a month or more. (The next one is due summer 2016.)

(an old zine that people seemed to like)

Enormo-love and thanks for reading,

Meg xxx

(The trapeze image at the top of this page is from Empress Stah In Space. The featured goat does not have a website that I know of.)
$179 of $200 per creation
Time, labour, ticket, and travel, plus a night in a budget hotel, meaning I can see work outside London that might not have matinees, or might be further away than can be managed in a day.
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