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Cinderblock City

A loud and thorny Boston suburb, eternally under construction. A place as drab and pockmarked as its residents. Half the buildings should be condemned, the citizens are salty and unwelcoming, the parks are overgrown, the library is understocked, and there’s not even a Whole Foods.

However, this gray and grimy monument to urban decay just might be the nicest town on earth. See, years ago these weird and terrible waves of destruction turned the world into a living hell, and somehow Cinderblock City was given a miss. Hasn’t changed a bit.

So dig a butt out of the ashtray and split a 40 with your Ma because in this dystopian future… Cinderblock City is probably as good as it’s gonna get.

Hi, I'm illustrator Ryan Sullivan. Cinderblock City is a spiritual successor for the comic I made in the late 2000s, Moonshine Mountain. That comic was a gag-of-the week type until I ultimately tried to use the characters for a more overarching story, but they weren't quite built for that and then the comic imploded on itself.

Since then I've been creating and designing tons of strange characters itching to claw their way out of my sketchbook. This project is an opportunity to release them into the wild, as I create a world that’s strange and malleable enough to house them. So join the adventure at cinderblockcity.wordpress.com to see these characters living their lives!

The setting is one that wads up all my strongest influences: the greater Boston area and its unique array of urban development and decay. Pulpy post apocalyptic fiction. Fantasy, science fiction, and all their friggin' offshoots. Oh, and every scrap of comedy and satire I could get my hands on for the past 30 years. All filtered through my poor deteriorating mind and painstakingly rendered with ink and pixels.

Currently, my plan is to post one page a week. It’s tight though, currently I drive an UBER to make ends meet. But I’d love to do this as my FULL TIME JOB! and if enough of you like my work and are willing to pitch in to the cause, then I can! So check out the patron rewards to the right and my monthly earnings goals to the left. This project is truly a labor of love, which is why the individual pages will always be available for free. But with YOUR contribution, you could reap rewards such as high resolution files for each page, access to my process blog where I will share tons of tips and tricks for crafting images, monthly illustrations exclusive to this community, and more!

And hey, if you aren't in a position to donate, I totally get that. Sometimes times are tight, and trust me I'm right there with ya. But your support still means the world to me, even if it's just to say "Hey Sully, I loved your latest comic, bro!" But the absolute BEST thing you can do to support me is to spread the word! That's right, crowd sourcing doesn't do jack-diddly without a crowd, so let your friends know about my work, recommend it to ANYONE you think might like it, get the word out!

And most importantly, THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my work and support an independent artist!
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This blog will be updated once a month! I'll be posting articles on my creative process, tutorials on how to create your own characters and comics, exclusive looks into my sketchbooks, and more!

Additionally, each month I will create an illustration exclusive to this community, and you can view the JPEG when it debuts!

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Additionally, each month I will create an illustration exclusive to this community, and you will gain access to the high res PDF for that as well!

Additionally, gain access to my process blog.

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