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Cineshots began as a film diary of sorts. I go to the movies often so I needed a place to store my thoughts. With each post, I realised how I viewed the world changes a little bit with each movie. 

My point of view comes from a very specific place. I'm Filipino, an immigrant and queer. I think this is important to note because it was only recently that I realised that most of the critics I read were from a particular demographic. That homogeneity isn't good for the art and it isn't good for audiences.

So, I invite you to support this one tiny, particular voice and I invite you to seek out other voices that are new and different to your own.

Also, as I'm currently looking for full-time work, it has been harder to find extra funds to go to the movies or film festivals. I have to disclose that I do get invites to media screenings occasionally but not always. I would like to review more films and also get to know my readers a bit more so as part of my rewards, I will be sending out first impressions and personalised recommendations as well as taking review requests.

Let me know if there are other requests you may have. Perhaps you would like to see video essays or listen to podcasts as I can put this in my goals section. 

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