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I'm a nonbinary transgender activist living in rural Ontario. I've been producing web content for about 6 years including creating and running a nonbinary resource website at Life Outside the Binary, and my YouTube channel which I started to I talk about my experiences as a transgender, nonbinary and intersex person, before branching out into topics of social justice and grass-roots politics.

Over the past couple of years I have recently taken on a project of producing a political YouTube series exploring various anti-capitalist and anti-oppressive ideas, including a current series that seeks to help people build community organizing skills.

Offline I'm also involved in various social justice projects including facilitating transgender community groups in both Toronto and rural Ontario, organizing events and demonstrations, performing administrating tasks for an anarchist food serve in Toronto, and facilitating adult education workshops on transgender allyship and climate justice.

Due to various health issues I am currently living on a fixed income occasionally supplemented by part-time employment, which has not been enough to cover my bills or basic living expenses. The overhead for the content I produce is paid for largely out of pocket, including cost of video and computer equipment and software and web hosting, in addition to costs associated with my various real-world organizing efforts.

Having a stable source of income would also alleviate much stress, financial and technical limitations and time constraints, which would allow me to produce videos more regularly.

My goal through Patreon is to help me pay for my living expenses, upgrade my equipment to improve the quality of my videos, and put money into local community organizing.

When I started writing and making videos, I was really hoping that sharing my thoughts and advice would help people who were going through similar experiences, and I think I my content has been a positive influence in some people's lives. Having people around the world engaging and relating to my content has been an extremely rewarding experience in and of itself, which has helped me grow in ways I was not anticipating. I hope that the new direction my videos have taken will help us move in a direction of greater civic participation, and developing the skills we will need to make positive change in the world around us. Thank you.
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