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About CircuitLord

Hey there, I'm Jordan. I'm a computer geeky homeschooler who enjoys VR, gaming, and programming. It's my dream to be able to do these things for a living, but obviously that isn't really possible in my current state.

I've made quite a few random different projects, ( including my YouTube channel which you can find linked on the side ), here's some of the best ones:

Creator's Camera, a tool that lets you easily make cinematics in mostly any game.

Mudfrog is a Discord Bot I made for use on my servers. While it isn't designed for public use, you might be able to learn something from the code. :)

Adventure Redefined is a music pack for Minecraft that replaces the default music in Minecraft with some cool songs that play at certain events in time. My pack uses the mod Actual Music, made by Fokson, to work within Minecraft.

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I can have the satisfaction of knowing that all this work on my computer isn't completely for nothing.
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