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About Citius Mag

Citius Mag is creating [mostly] high-quality articles, podcasts, and videos centered around the world of running. Maybe you're a washed-up college athlete. Maybe you ran track in high school. Perhaps you're 35-years old and are still grinding it out every day. Whoever you are, Citius Mag is making stuff that you'll find relatable, insightful, and maybe a little bit funny. This is our third year on the world wide web, and we have some big plans for new and exciting stuff. Your support will help us get there!

Our readers, followers, listeners and fans have spoken. We are considered the new running media outlet that’s irreverent, clever, arbitrarily ritualistic but fundamentally beholden to the principles set forth in the book 'Once a Runner; and followed by any of us who’ve given running an honest shot.

The site is spearheaded by Chris Chavez, Ryan Sterner, Stephen Kersh and Scott Olberding. If you've enjoyed any of our work in recent years, we ask you to please consider donating any dollar amount so that we can continue creating more content for the running community.

If you've been wondering where some of the money has gone toward:
We sent a team of writers to the Prefontaine Classic, U.S. Outdoor Championships and New York City Marathon last year. We've been able to upgrade our podcast equipment to produce higher quality shows on the CITIUS MAG Podcast, Runners of NYC and Full Tub with Nick Roché feeds. Your help has also helped cover hosting expenses for the website and podcasts, which can stack up quickly.
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