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About Citizen CAT

We're working hard to make taking effective action to solve global warming approachable, simple, and fun! But we can't do it alone. We need you on board! We promise to make it worthwhile...and to make you smile.

Our Philosophy:
  • Make it Simple. We’re all busy. There’s a lot of information out there. Citizen C.A.T. does the research for you and distills it down to bite-size pieces that are easy to follow and directly translate into action in your everyday life.
  • Make it Fun. Life should be enjoyed. We’re more likely to stick with something if we’re having fun. We’ll show that doing the right thing by the planet will also make your life better.
  • Make it Effective. Some actions have greater impact than others. Friends inspire us more than words. We accomplish more in groups than we do individually. This problem is too large for any one person to solve – but collectively we are powerful.

Our Goals:
  • Inspire people to act.70% of people want action on climate change – but they are currently the silent majority. When 3.5% of the population achieves active and sustained participation in a non-violent campaign, it will succeed.
  • Be the go-to resource for the how-to. Most of the current discussion is around the problem and information about solutions is often abstract. Citizen C.A.T. will take the most effective and accessible solutions and turn them into easy to follow “recipes” to remove any barriers to action.
  • Make people smile.Climate change is a serious issue, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun. By playing with the C.A.T. acronym we can capitalize on one of the most popular features on the Internet (cats!), capturing people’s attention and rewarding them with a smile.

Our community has been such a support in launching our website and many have asked how they can contribute in a more direct way. So here we are - for our supporters far and near who want to aid us by helping cover our costs.

Please know, there is no pressure or obligation here at all. If you want to continue reading our blog, trying our climate change recipes or staying in touch via social media - we love that too! The biggest compliment you can pay us is to pass on what you’ve learned.

Climate Action Team

Natasha Juliana | Founder
Why Citizen C.A.T.? My goal is to do for climate action what Julia Child did for French cooking. She took something that was intimidating, complicated, and serious, and made it approachable, simple, and fun. I want to eliminate the roadblocks and pave the way to a brighter tomorrow. And I want us to have fun all along the way. I would be most grateful if you would join me.

Lindsey Goodwin | Contributor
I did not come by caring for the environment organically, but I care now – a lot. Over the past several years, my friends and family have witnessed my 180-degree change. From a corporate go-getter to an advocate for the simple life and all things outdoors, I’m here to share how small changes add up and make an impact for bettering our lives. I hope that by sharing my journey, others will see that they can make small steps towards their goals too.

Mike Giotis | Strategist
Let’s make positive changes in behavior easy to spread. I love Citizen C.A.T.’s approach to taking simple social tools of the past (like recipe cards!) and using their strengths to build the future that we need, our kids need, kid’s kids need…

Beth Meredith | Advisor
Paul Hawken has commented on how we already have the necessary technologies to live sustainably, but the barriers to adopting them are a lack of social technologies. Citizen C.A.T. perfectly addresses this issue by framing climate change in a way that helps people to engage with it and build the knowledge, habits, and community to make changes.

Eric Storm | Advisor
I love Natasha’s framing: “climate action made easy.” I believe that good choices and right actions can offer people high-quality lives that are gentle on the planet. I would like to share the myriad of blessings that are possible by simplifying, clarifying, and choosing well.
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