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I am an Ex-soldier and have always been involved in, and interested in the Post apocalyptic survival scenario planing community.
I have lots to share and decided to compile this blog to help those who are new to the scene and to share my knowledge with others.
I am a South African , currently living in New Zealand
I hope you find this blog informative and if not, at least entertaining , and if not at least amusing.
I am not a lunatic, I am an old boy scout… and as all boy scouts know BP originally got the idea of scouting in South Africa during the Anglo Boer war when Mafeking, Kimberly and Ladysmith were under siege.
My general disclaimer: I do not know what is legal in your area – please use caution when trying what I post and don’t blame me if it doesn’t work as intended and you hurt yourself, everything I blog is for information only, and should be used as such.

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