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Welcome to the Civil War Digital Digest Patreon page.  If you’re visiting us here, you probably have seen some of our videos. In case you haven’t, we make high quality videos about the American Civil War experience, currently displayed on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and our website. These videos cover a range of topics from “how to” to in depth looks at original items to biographies of the lesser-known heroes of the conflict.  We aim to entertain and educate armchair generals, teachers, and living historians alike. Episodes are posted every other Wednesday.

As with any quality endeavor there are regular expenses. In the case of video production, funds will immediately support purchase of more storage space for content as well as helping us travel further and commit more time to research and shoot a wider range of episode topics. Rest assured the work of CWDD will continue - can you help us out? We like the Patreon model as it allows you to support something that is already happening.

We ask for your support as a monthly patron. We chose not to do the “per episode” option here because sometimes a subject is large enough that we will upload two videos at once.
Please look at the giving levels with catchy names here. If the content we are providing is worth your financial support, check out the extras you will receive when you do. Our Patreon feed will also get to view extra videos that have been shot specifically for Patrons. Some of those will have extra history content – some will be bloopers from our shoots.

Thank you for supporting the CWDD and considering becoming a patron! We are amazed at the kind words we’ve received from so many people.
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For less than a cup of black coffee per episode you will receive:
  • Access the Patreon feed
  • View content shot only for Patrons
  • We don’t care if you use Adblock on YouTube
  • If you have twitter, we’ll follow
  • Look for a shout out soon after joining on our Facebook Feed
  • Vote on preservation fund recipient when we reach our goals
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  • All of the $3.00 rewards
  • Access to a "Patron only" store for special pricing on our logo merchandise
  •  10% discount on items other than our Cafepress store (as they come on line)
  • Occasionally vote on what episodes we shoot next
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  • All of the $3.00 and $5.00 rewards
  • Your name in the credits of all CWDD videos!
$961 of $1,000 per month
Reaching this goal will allow contracting crew to assist in production and editing. This will contribute greatly to the growth and sustainability of Civil War Digital Digest. When this goal is reached, we will continue to give 15% of our Patron’s support to historic preservation.

We will also release a bonus episode each quarter as a thank you. That means four more episodes of great Civil War history and education per year! In addition, all Patrons will get a one-week preview of the bonus episodes before general release.
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