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We appreciate anyone that supports us. Because of this if you donate anything to the channel, even just a dollar, you’ll gain:

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  • Exclusive access to at least one video a month

  • Votes for 3 games you want to see us play each month (from our existing library or ones you want us to buy if we have the necessary funds)

  • Behind the scenes information regarding our recording sessions, which games we’re playing, and a detailed budget showing where your money is going

  • Personal Thank You‘s from us at the end of our recording sessions
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About CJ Dimensity


CJ here, I'm freelance content creator on YouTube. I spend a lot of time experimenting to find my niche, resulting in shows like Games With Friends, Solo Games, and Online Games. I also make variety videos whenever the mood strikes me.

So Why Patreon?

I chose this to cover being paid to edit and upload videos, as well as to have money to buy more games for us to play on the channel.

If you enjoy the channel’s content enough that you want more, or just wanna hang out on the Discord, you can always donate here to support us.

If not then no worries, we’re just doing this for fun. But if we were making money while hanging out, we could meet up more frequently and create even more videos!

$13 of $50 per month
If we’re actually getting paid this much, YouTube is going to stop being just a hobby and become more of a focus for us. This will mean a regular, more frequent and better organized upload schedule that we’ll lay out for you every month.
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