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I am grateful for the support of the community at all contribution levels and for enabling me to pursue interests in programming games and apps. All patron supporters have access to me via my hotmail account or via Patreon. I need your feedback in order to offer you better support.
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At the $5 support level you will receive notification on tutorials and other updates. In addition to access to me via Patreon or email, any suggestions or requests you have for future content will be prioritized with existing content requests. Finally, your name will appear (with your approval) in any games or apps I develop as stand alone projects.
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In addition to the basic and standard levels, Patrons who offer enhanced support have the opportunity to request limited assistance with game and app design or coding. This support isn't meant to take on an active role in your project, it's just meant to offer limited assistance, which I'll happily provide to confirmed Patron "enhanced" supporters. If you want higher levels of support, I'll need details of the project which will help me to determine a larger level of support from you.

Patrons at this level who continue their support for at least 6 months can request a custom avatar created based on the patrons photo. The avatar will be sent to the patron as well as having the avatar appear in a game. The genre of the avatar will depend on current projects. When possible the patron will be allowed to choose between the current project genre's. Please note it may take several months to get the avatar completed based on artist availability.

Current projects include
  • medieval fantasy warfare, 
  • space exploration, and 
  • primitive civilization builder.
Have your avatar created as a medieval warrior, tradesman, mage; alien life form, ship pilot; or primitive tribesman.




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$5 of $200 per month
Needed to cover basic monthly expenses including my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for physical fitness. BJJ is life altering. Member of Progression BJJ. Self Defense, Fitness, Teamwork. Oss!

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