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About C J Thorpe-Tracey

Hello, I hope you're well. I'm Chris.

I'm a writer, broadcaster and audio producer based in Brighton on the English south coast.

For 20 years I was a singer-songwriter, so I never built a writing 'career' but I've always written essays and opinions on current affairs, ecology, travel, culture and such. For a few years I wrote a weekly column on the arts for UK socialist newspaper The Morning Star and I have also occasionally published fiction and poetry.

Now I'm taking writing seriously and trying to make central to my working life. So this is where, if you enjoy and value my work, you can support me (and gain my lifelong love and gratitude as well as a bit of priority access and the occasional gift)

As of summer 2018 I'm writing more regular longform pieces and first the first time attempting to sell them. I'm also (sporadically) working on a full-length non-fiction book about the state of the arts and (unexpectedly) writing a novel about a woman in a cave.

I also present Midnight Campfire, a weekly late night folk music radio show and run a micro-consultancy called Lo Fi Arts that helps people and organisations generate ideas, make podcasts and improve their creativity. Thank you very much for your support. X

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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