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About Dawn Marie Hamilton

Thank you for visiting this page and considering to help support this project. I hope that you are here because it has been useful to you, and I hope it will continue to be so! 

I created this woodwind chamber repertoire website over a summer during my graduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, where I worked for 5 years as the Teaching Assistant for a woodwind chamber ensembles course. In searching for more music for variety's sake and because of the challenge of sometimes having rather odd instrumentations . . . I found it frequently difficult to search (besides IMSLP) by instrumentation, which is often what I really needed to do. I had to go to individual instrument sites or composer sites, which just weren't comprehensive enough for my purposes. I found myself doing a lot of repetitive research, having to jump around multiple places to gather all the info I needed. I wanted to have much more information on every piece up front, most especially lengths of individual movements (for preventing class concerts from being marathon events during finals week), but also information on how to acquire the sheet music and where to find (decent) recordings. It didn't seem like there was any site quite like the one I really wanted as both a chamber music instructor and performer.

So, I made this website hoping it would both make my job easier and be useful to other teachers and performers. Since I first created it, it has been difficult to dedicate much additional time to its upkeep. However, if I could receive some compensation for the time I was putting in and the basic maintenance cost of the website, it would be much more feasible to block time out to continue to work on this project. My most recent focus has been researching contemporary composers and getting many of their works of living composers added, while also trying to clean up and flush out missing information (add recording and sheet music links, times, etc) from works already listed. 
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