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Writer living in a 100 year old garret. 
also known as/ aka
Digital entrepreneur.

Writer of diaries & poetry on and off since the age of 8. Poetry blogger then Blogger under the name of Clarissima and reviewer of drama series and many other sorts of TV/ Television shows, documentaries, films, reality & reality series.

Self-publisher of e-books of reviews on this page left intentionally blank publishing company.

Amateur photographer of neighbourhood cats and my own cat.

Now I am working on an interconnected set of approximately 4-5 books: of short stories.
Collating my poetry collection for Createspace print on demand. 
(later note-Createspace is Kindle Publishing now).
My collation of hand written poetry together and ready for print on demand or submission to a publisher.

Get previews of soon to be published work on Patreon by becoming a patron.

Currently I am working towards finishing my manuscripts and publishing them.

My materials used as a Creator.  
Preferably Moleskin notebooks.
Fountain pen.
Parker Quink. Black ink bottle.

Writing and research tools.
Sigil free software: an e pub 2 file publishing programme.
Suitable for all e book readers including the free application E book reader, Google Play books on which all the Sigil files on this page left intentionally blank publishing  have all been tested. With illustrations and index.
Nb. The Google Play books e book reader app has options to change font size, page layout and an audio recording of the text!
Notepad on desktop computer.
Online art sources, mainly Wikipedia and The Google Art Project.

Writing news 29th October 2018. 
Currently I am publishing Clarissima's Court Circulars on this Patron site on a regular basis.

These Court Circulars are Newsletters from London written in a diary form about what I have been watching on TV/ Television in the United KIngdom. On Television and online. Including Netflix.

Clarissima's Court Circulars.
These are numbered in their order of publication on Patron.
Whilst issued in the year 2018, these Court Circulars are unpublished archive, handwritten material, from the end of 2017.
I am currently catching up with  publishing material written from that period up to the year 2018.

See medieval art and other assorted illustrations from original paintings found online in the public domain. Meet Melwyn the Pamphlet girl and The Man Reading..

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These are to be found at clarissima- a day in the life of a tv
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Please feel welcome to join the Court of Clarissima, for tv watchers everywhere, in the close and far away lands..

The rewards of becoming a fully fledged day in the life of a tv watcher:
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and which are mentioned and linked to my Wordpress website
my free Patreon website posted newsletters titled:
Clarissima's Court Circulars
posted here at intervals.


the 15th day of June, the year 2018.
United Kingdom.

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Clarisima a day in the life of a tv watcher is a simple:
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I did this with a simple Patreon plug-in that linked up Clarissima-a day in the life of a tv watcher..with my Clarissima_ Scribe Patreon site like so.

Author's note.
The reason I started collecting and saving my online forum comments on my own blog was because I discovered that the Guardian had published some of the readers' forum comments on the Danish series, The Killing Series One/ Forbrydelsen I, in the form of an e-book.

I realised that I had lost all my forum comments, as I had not saved them. Although they may well be found in that e book.

I made a mental note to find out how to do an e book myself and publish my own comments one day.

This was the impetus for later starting my own online publishing company where you can find e pub 2 files suitable for download into e books of my work at: 

this page left intentionally blank publishing company


0% complete

Find an Independent Publisher for my 3-4 books of yet unpublished Tales..
& Poetry collections.

Buy a microphone in order to do Podcasts in the future.


(for as little as $1 a month-or pay what you like)

 an online source of drama series and television show reviews.

For those who are looking for original & unique reviews

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so that they feel welcome:

in the metaphorical Court of Clarissima where dwelleth tv/ television watchers everywhere.

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27th day of May in the year 2018.
London, United Kingdom.

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