Laney Berry

is creating The St. Christopher's School Lockdown

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Hi, my name is Laney Berry, and I am the creator of Classroom Graffiti Productions, an indie game development team which is currently busting its ass to bring you The St. Christopher's School Lockdown.

When I first created the Kickstarter for St. Chris back in 2013, the project I was working on was entirely my own, really. I was the one who had nurtured the idea, the one who had grit my teeth and kept it relevant, refreshing the main cast multiple times, readjusting the narrative and doing whatever I could to keep it all on track.

But now? Well, now, I am ridiculously lucky. I have a team who are so absolutely unbelievable, so supportive of my project, so loyal and lovely, that they are working for nothing at all! Why, when I had a Kickstarter? Well, the Kickstarter funds truly DID let us take our game from the idea stage to the actual, concrete "this is a game which is going to be released next year!" stage, which is absolutely incredible. I'm still shocked by how lucky we are, thanks to you guys.

But the honest truth is, we do not have the budget we wish we did have.
If we had that budget, we would be paying our incredible collaborators (writers, programmers, designers, composers, etc) a monthly amount.

And that is why I'm here, on Patreon. Because I feel that every single person involved in this project deserves compensation. During the Kickstarter, I thought only of the costs related to the project itself, along with what I would pay freelancers-- that was the extent of thinking of other designers, I thought, because I truly never imagined that anybody, aside from me, would be consistently contributing to this project. I never in a million years believed that there would be all of these outstanding, brilliant people involved who were spending over thirty working hours a week just helping to bring this to life, without asking for a shred of payment.

After realizing how wrong I was, I had hoped to eventually be able to pay them back by relying on the idea of a future "percentage of the game profits", and while that is still the case, I wish I could do something to add on a bit of money to the profits I will get from the game itself. I want to be able to pay them for their talent, their loyalty and their kindness.

So, to the following:
A.R., J.B., M.Z., D.Z., R.B.

This is for you.
$1 of $500 per month
I will start my top-secret political video game SIDE PROJECT.
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