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Hello There

Welcome to my Patreon page! If you are unfamiliar with what I do, the best I can say is that I make videos on YouTube centered around hockey. I create videos recapping every Chicago Blackhawks game as well as videos discussing team and league news. I also post videos of me playing beer league hockey which may be of interest if you like seeing the game from a bender's point of view. Every now and again, I'll post videos of other random stuff like trip vlogs, which may or may not involve hockey.

Why Do I Need Support?

Well, technically, I don't NEED support. I have a full-time job and my YouTube channel and videos are a hobby and that will most likely always be the case. I assure you that I have no grand ideas of becoming famous. The reason I make videos is because I enjoy creating them and I believe it is a great medium for me to improve my communication and presentation skills - which I can then leverage in other aspects of my life and career. However, I'd love to have the cost of my videos - whether it be the camera equipment, editing software, or travelling - be subsidized a little bit and not make my own wallet cry as much.

It should also be of note that my videos are available to be viewed ad-free on YouTube because - quite simply - ads suck. If a video does end up having ads, it's because it's something like a playoff hype video using copyrighted content where the copyright holder decides to put ads on it. Something like that is out of my control. With that in mind, this page will be considered my main source of monetary support.

What's In It For You? (aka REWARDS!)

If you feel generous enough to help me, there are a few things in it for you:

1. Bragging Rights

You get the ability to brag to all your friends about how you help me create stuff! Alright, so this isn't really much of a reward but feel free to brag anyway.

2. Video Shoutout

I will personally give a shoutout to you in one of my videos. Just imagine how awesome it would be to be recognized in front of literally dozens (or more) viewers!

3. Video Credit (optional)

I will credit you in the description of all videos while you are one of my Patreon supporters. You may opt out of this if you would like.

4. Video Requests

Each month, you will be able to request a video topic for my channel. Credit will be given to you in said video. Please note that I reserve the right to decline a topic since this is the internet and someone will undoubtedly request an outrageous idea.

5. Blooper Reels

Every month I will share a blooper reel of outtakes from videos I created that month. This could be super funny or not depending on your sense of humor.

6. State of the Channel Posts

Every month I will write a post outlining the status of my channel from notable things that happened that month to plans of future content. You get to be an insider and know things other people don't. This is something that could play into that whole Bragging Rights reward mentioned earlier!

7. Merchandise Discount

DISCOUNTED MERCH! WOO! I will provide monthly discount codes for my own merchandise and possibly other stuff too. Who knows what the future may bring?
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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