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Who is this guy?

Hello! I'm Clayton, the guy behind some of the Dead Frontier mods and tools you may use. I am a self-taught game developer / programmer, with a passion for top-down games and the zombie genre that I would like to think was aided by playing Dead Frontier at a young age.

I'm best-known for the Dead Frontier 1 Modpack, which I started working on in November 2018. Thanks to the support and ideas from everyone in the community, we were able to make a big impact on the game with it. Some of these features eventually got integrated into the vanilla game by the developer using my code. 🙂

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Why do I need your support?

Being able to make games and create tools for the community means a lot to me. As a freelance game developer it's become hard to find time to work on these side projects. Your money will help me continue providing free updates to the tools and cover hosting costs for future tools that everyone can enjoy.

Dead Frontier: Still Alive

I'm excited to announce the development of Dead Frontier: Still Alive—a standalone cooperative multiplayer game set within the Dead Frontier 2D (DF2D) era coming to Steam.

Aiming to replicate the experiences of the original DF2D gameplay, there will be a matchmaking system from which to choose various game modes. The overall feel is Dead Frontier Night series meets SAS: Zombie Assault. 😀

Read the full blog post here:

Other Projects - Where I host all of my tools and projects.
Dead Frontier 1 Modpack - Discontinued, but has since been integrated into the vanilla game!
Dead Frontier 1 Sandbox - A 3D environment to test weapons and character builds. Revamping it soon.
Dead Frontier 1 Boost Calculator - Easily experiment with your implant setups!
Dead Frontier 1 Build Calculator - Plan character builds ahead of time.

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