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About cléo journal

cléo is a digital journal of film and film culture informed by intersectional feminist perspectives. We publish three times a year around a theme and you can check out our past issues here

Why "film and feminism"?
Great question! There is a woeful lack of feminist perspectives, women’s bylines and representation in film criticism. Women write just 18% of the top reviews and make up only 20% of top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. In four of the top film critics’ associations, women account for less than a quarter of membership. This gender gap doesn't only impact film criticism, but the entire film ecosystem: fewer women writing about film means coverage of certain films is favoured, which influences box office success, which means we end up seeing the same kind of stories by the same kind of people over and over.

By working in a concrete and structural way, cléo is looking to change who writes about film, how that writing is undertaken and whose work gets covered. This is why the journal takes its name from the protagonist of Agnès Varda’s Cléo de cinq à sept (1962), who comes to self-realization through the observation and mastering of her space. In the spirit of Varda’s film, cléo is an open space for emerging and established writers to address issues of film and feminisms.

The journal looks for unique writing that offers fresh, innovative and daring perspectives as part of our mission to broaden conversations about film and intersectional feminism. We aim to reach a wide audience beyond the film community and to connect engaged readers everywhere with critical commentary written by women and about women.

Why we need your support!
Thanks to hours of work from our incredible team of women, grassroots fundraising, generous donations and a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, we've published 16 issues over nearly six years. We're so proud of that work—now it's time to grow, and we need your help to:
  • Pay our contributors more! We love our writers and the artists who design our original covers. With your help with can offer more competitive rates for original, thought-provoking pieces of feminist film criticism and art.
  • Continue to offer honorariums to our editorial team! Our editorial board, copy-writer, web-editor, and social media manager have been volunteer-based for years—and it's no small task. Each piece we publish goes through two rounds of editing before being proofread. We want to recognize this labour.
  • Create a print compendium! Oh, we love the interwebz and will always remain open access online. But we also want to celebrate some of our best pieces in a beautiful book. 
Kiva Reardon, founding editor
Mallory Andrews, managing editor
Kathleen Kampeas-Rittenhouse, editor
Chelsea Phillips-Carr, editor
Michelle Kay, editor
Cathleen Evans, web editor 
$247 of $250 per month
We need $250 USD a month to continue to write, edit and share our weekly newsletters, in addition to covering the costs of putting out three issues a year. With this support, we hope to grow our community and reach new readers.
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