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  • Early access to every episode of 'Paul-N-All' as well as the final episodes of 'LOST with Friends' (as well as future special episodes of the latter) 
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Hello and thank you for checking out our Patreon page!

First things first, no reason to freak out. Nothing is changing with Clock Shelves or their podcasts! If anything, this can only improve the quality and consistency of the output. That being said, we want to clarify that no content will ever be patron exclusive. Patrons might get early access, but it'll all be made available for free in the end. 

Now that that's out of the way, this Patreon originally began as just a tip jar, however with the next phase of Clock Shelves, some things will be changing. Every single guest and co-host on Clock Shelves has been giving up their valuable time, for free, to help their friend out for over three years. 

But as Clock Shelves enters the next phase, with its podcast 'Wrestling Renegades' on indefinite hiatus, 'LOST with Friends' soon coming to an end, and 'Paul-N-All' still continuing, it's time to look to the future. We have a lot of creative output coming your way, but first we'd like to clarify what the money made here will go towards:

1) Keeping the podcasts online 
To keep the backlog of podcasts available for future listeners or those who want to revisit it all. Host J. Paul Casey has been putting his own money up for over three years. This would help with some of the financial burden, in an effort to show continued support for the podcasts you love. 

2) Paying back friends and family for hours of their time 
From parents to best friends to co-workers and more, J. Paul Casey has had a wide range of people across the various shows he hosts or co-hosts. And every single one of them has given up their valuable time to help him fulfill his vision. Not one of them has asked for any financial compensation in return. Casey wishes to attempt to repay them for their help in furthering his dream. Not taking a single dime, Casey will use the money raised to help out those who've helped him so much in this journey. 

3) Investing in the future of Clock Shelves Entertainment 
The future looks bright for Clock Shelves as J. Paul Casey comes up with more ideas for audio and even visual shows constantly. Finances raised would also be invested back into the business to further create content to be enjoyed by each and every one of you. 

Hopefully you enjoy our content and would be willing to help out. If not, that's perfectly okay and we still appreciate you listening. It's all free! And it's a great way to pass the time.

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