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About Clorinspats


Hello there! I'm a comics and zines creator trying to write stories for people to enjoy. I also do a bunch of illustrations! This is my tip jar to help sustain my supply costs.

  • queer stuff (I'm LGBTQIA+, represent!)
  • autobio comics, especially regarding disability and mental illness
  • cat stuff, because i love my three cats
  • fantasy comics
  • anything to do with dungeons & dragons
  • zines, sketchbooks, and whatever creative stuff I can throw at you!


Debris of Daily Life is an autobio comic about my life! It's a way for me to remember and deal with life events and a way to have people keep tabs on my life. If you're wondering what's been going on with me, you can find out here! It updates whenever, but you'll always see here first.

Brucey & I is a Pokemon comic! It's a Nuzlocke comic that I finished earlier in 2019. If I get enough demand, I'll think about doing another one.

A Bad Neighborhood is a collection of horror stories! The stories are based on the area around the neighborhood and on fears I had as a kid. It'll update...whenever!

The Princess Project is currently a Patreon-exclusive comic project! Starting at $1, you can watch the process of creating a long-form comic and the formation of the first few chapters.
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I can't say just how much this helps me out. This is a huge portion of my rent and makes my day-to-day easier. With this, I'll be able to invest in supplies to start offering good quality physical zines!
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