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Welcome Patreons :-)

My name is Marco Martinez and I’m the founder of CloudLove YouTube channel. I make videos about cloud computing (Twilio, AWS, GC, Azure, IBM) computer vision, drones, micro controllers, single board computers, homebrew, robots virtual assistants an a lot more. Chances are that if you are here reading this you have already seen some of my videos and may be a subscriber to my YouTube channel.

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Patreon is like crowd funding but on a smaller scale and in monthly instalments. For your support, you will not only have the satisfaction of supporting your favourite Youtuber: but you can also using Adblock with impunity. You can have your name in the video description, get exclusive access to the creators on a monthly 'hang out', and help influence what gets made. You can even get your name in the end credits of every video going forward as a top 'Patreon'.
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If you are an existing Patreon then I would like to thank you for all your support: be it $1 or $50, you are making a difference.
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