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 Thank you for supporting, here is the "Patreon Role" in my discord! 
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"Hello, my name is Cloudsy, I have decided to create a Patreon so that I can get better equipment to make better videos, and put the rest of the money into charity. If I do get Patreons that support me, I will announce what Charity I wan't to donate to in my patreon discord."

That is why I created my discord, if you support me you can un-pledge at any time you wan't, no questions asked, you can at any time.

Here are my tiers:

  • Small Cloud - $4.99 / month Thank you for supporting, here is the "Patreon Role" in my discord!

  • Become a Cloud! - $9.99 / month Exclusive Access to my Patreon Discord!

  • Rain - $19.99 / month Thank you for supporting, you get a "Patreon+" role in my server and access to new channels!

  • Thunderstorm - $39.99 / month Thank you for supporting me, you now have access to channels no others can see!

  • Snowstorm - $99.99 / month You now have access to any channel except owner and admin chat's in my Patreon discord server!

You do not have to pledge to my patreon!

I do not wan't to force you to pledge to my patreon because you are a fan, it is completely up to you to help me get money without youtube's ad revenue feature, due to me only having 164 subscribers. (At the moment.)

If you would like to pledge, read the tiers above and then you may decide which one, I recommend the second one, because you get access to an exclusive discord server for my patron fans, who will most likely get videos before non-patrons!

I would like to thank any who patron to me:

If you patron to me, I would like to thank you, and I will try to respond to you in my patreon discord, if you buy the "Become a Cloud!" tier, which gives you access to my Patreon Discord Server, to those who cannot afford any tiers, my public discord server is an option.

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  • "When I reach 1000 patrons, I'll donate half the money I heard to charity."
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