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I will be offering free concerts, workshops and soundhealings, when passing through town (invite me:) and my art will be available for free nonetheless.




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I am a Cloudwalker on a pineal riot in search of the language of peace. I am convinced that beyond conventions exists a universal language, that we all know deep in our hearts. It is my mission to find, unleash and unfold this language within me and my surroundings. I want to speak with you through song and musical sounds. According to Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix was looking for this experience, to sit down with a group of people and find this universal language, but never succeeded. I want to humbly follow in his footsteps . I have an ear for music and I follow my intuition whilst having no previous musical education, which makes me suitable for such an experiment.  My thesis is anyone, when entering an environment of soundwaves and vibrations, can find their role in it if willing to listen and able to shed their insecurities and fears of measuring up. This is a process that I strive to introduce, experience, and document while developing my own sound and method of sound healing. This will take its' form through free content, concerts, workshops and healing sessions.  I do not need much. Anything I receive above and beyond my limited personal needs for visas, occasional flights, a bit of food, instruments, recording expenses and dentist bills etc will be invested in my surroundings; empowering musical projects, making the world green and equal, building a coop label for the talented people I meet and creating venues, homes and studios for travellers, migrants,  artists and free thinkers to stay in and co-create. It is in the clash of cultures that we can inspire, share what should be preserved, reinvent, reach beyond ourselves and each other thus co-creating new sounds and ideas furthermore, personal as well as cultural healing. I am devoting myself to dive in head first creating this reality. If you want to experience a woman given freedom to follow her hearts passion in fulfilling her highest potential, then please contribute with whatever you may joyfully give. Help in other manifestations than monetary are also very welcome. Much love!
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I will aquire a mongolian horsehead chello and a reindeer drum, study throat singing and shamanism in Mongolia, jam with the locals and thus create and record beautiful healing music on my travels for you to enjoy. I will then venture to California to reconnect with and teach my friend and colleague Nicklas, visit the native americans who are protecting their land from the
xl pipeline whereafter, we will tour and record our song 'The Last Big Roar' along with a few other songs in Jimi Hendrix  studio 'Electric Lady' and make it available to the public for free. If I in any way manage to get enough funds together I will invite a group of talented musicians I have met round the world to come and make Jimi's dream of finding and recording the universal language of peace a reality.
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