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For anyone that wants to show support. Get access to random Shy Succubus sketches

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Same as the above plus deleted sketches and images for each chapter, as well as other comic-related updates that comes to mind!

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Same as the above and no extras. This is for those that want to show extra love and support, and just want me to keep creating more comics. Thank you so much!

 (Note: I'm removing the extras rewards now but all that previously were Patreons can still ask for an extra!)




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About Cloverblue

Hello , my name is Vana aka cloverblue and I make webcomics.

My current webcomic is called Shy Succubus and you can read it for free online. It is updated every week.

Donations are greatly appreciated!  It's very heartwarming and motivating when someone takes the extra step to donate and show their support. Since every episode I make is pretty long, it leaves me no time to draw extra art. I sometimes scramble at the last day to finish, and even if I want to upload early previews or post about my progress, I tend to spend all that time on the comic itself.

And having you guys read my comic brings me joy and it feels great hitting the upload button.
Thank you for reading!

Tier 1, you get to see sketches and random doodles
Tier 2-3: You get all of the above and you get to see scrapped comic art, and miscellaneous posts related to the comic.
All previous Patreon supporters that haven't requested an extra yet, you can still request that! Just send me a message.

This Patreon may change in the future depending on what is happening with the comic or if I ever expand to do something "extra."

Thanks a lot for your support!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts