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is creating nonrepresented species avatars for VRChat!
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  • Contribution towards the Crocodile/Alligator avatar development!
  • Ability to vote on proportions/avatar features!
  • Crocodile Tier role on server and access to WIP Channels!
  • Money will only be processed once a final price-per-person has been decided. For now, adding yourself to this tier is a means of saying "I'm willing to be a part of this avatar's creation".
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About Club Fur

Summary of what we do and why we do it!

Club Fur is dedicated to the idea of helping out both new and existing anthropomorphic avatar users to find, meet and express themselves with friends. Very often a new user will come in and find that there's a great base avatar for their character species and go right ahead modifying it while they familiarize themselves with the app. This makes the experience so much smoother and allows new users to get into socializing almost immediately.
Despite this, some users find that the species they're looking for (even if it's somewhat common, such as a horse) simply doesn't have a base model. While it is an unfortunately reality that not every single animal species is going to have an anthropomorphic base model (looking at you, Tripod Fish!), we think we can help as a community.

Individually, commissioning a custom avatar of your species of choice can range in cost from $150 to over $1000. That's awesome if VR is your livelihood and you don't mind spending money on it, but some people really don't know if VR is for them. With that said, what if a group of users got together and individually helped make this happen at a very low cost?

Here's the new info!

We're going to be working with Toastador to make a public Crocodile/Alligator avatar available to everyone! The goal is simple- to get together a group of trusted users who would like to submit somewhere between $10-$30 to a Patreon dedicated towards putting together the Crocodile/Alligator. All money is forwarded directly to Toast and when he is able (in about three months or so), all contributors will be able to fill out a poll to determine aspects of the avatar's physicality (body type, height, etc.) as well as influence the default outfit design. After a brief patron exclusivity period for beta testing, the avatar will be released both as a public avatar pedestal in the club's avatar dressing room and as a model file freely available for download/modification.

This will be the second time we've done this, following the very first avatar program in which Meelo made a fantastic Raccoon avatar that has seen use in a variety of VR spaces. We're excited to bring this entirely new species to VRChat with the help of Toastador, and we're proud of the community that enables these things to be possible!

-Club Fur
In summary, by supporting this Patreon you agree that:
-You will not be charged right away when you pledge to this Patreon.
-Once we have reached enough contributors to divide the cost $20 per person, you have 24 hours to cancel before we run through a one-time Patreon charge.
-Once charges have been processed, we cannot refund. All funds go directly to the artist.
-You will be given the file before the public model file release.
-Due to Toast's current queue, the model will begin production around three months from now.
$289 of $500 per avatar
When we reach $500, the clothed and base crocodile avatar will be fully funded!
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