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Cluttered Games started out as THEAVGRS1 (2014) and then THEAVGRS112 (2014-2015) and then thephantomgamerstone (2015-2016)... As you can see, The channel was in limbo with names since we were struggling to find a name for ourselves. Eventually one day, It clicked and the channel became Cluttered Games. This channel was founded by two guys (Nathan and Gabe) back in January 2014. It started with a shitty camera and an ancient windows xp laptop. In late march of 2014, The laptop broke causing a big delay for good content on the channel and the videos became crappy photo booth videos during the delay, Many which have been deleted (Thank God). the delay lasted until July 2014 and Nathan and Gabe finally got a better computer and equipment. Nathan and Gabe got the worst idea ever by having many of their middle school classmates get in on the action and form a team. The AVGRS Team was short lived and ballooned overtime to an estimated eight people. Two out of the six who are no longer a part of the channel have at least one video that is still up. Their names were Ben and Tony. By 2016, It was just Nathan and Gabe again and they started from scratch by doing Let's Play's rather than the long forgotten video game reviews Nathan was making. In 2017, Marcus joined the channel and he also makes let's plays with Nathan. Matthew, an old member of the avgrs team who left in 2014 came back in 2018. In 2018, Gabe departed from Let's Play's and was put in a different spot. Gabe now does Cluttered Games Podcasts instead with Nathan making Matthew his replacement. We are a channel of four guys committed to content and making others laugh. We have around 400 subscribers and we love our fans. Take a look at Nathan's let's play's where Matthew and Marcus are playing with him and the podcast where Nathan and Gabe discuss many topics. Thank you for watching! 

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