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Who am I?

I'm C. M. Okonkwo, Nigerian born, raised in France for study and some work, traveled a bit, and now back in Nigeria to settle down. I speak fluent French, and I'm a lover of travel and tourism; so my writing ideas and style are inspired by experiences I've gained in different countries I have lived in and visited.

My best genres are mystery, suspense, thriller, detective, action and short stories. Although I have a lot of dusty manuscripts and stories sitting in folders, so far, I have self-published six novels; five novellas, and a series of short stories in various genres (psychological thriller, erotic thriller, mystery, romance, realistic fiction, literary fiction, story of the before-life, paranormal mystery, etc.), I have something for everyone. My writing goal being diversity, I'm still exploring other genres, including fantasy, horror, sci-fi and time travel.

I've been writing right from when I could use a pencil and put a story together, thanks to all the stuffed animals and dolls I had while growing up. I made stories with them each day, and when it was becoming too much to remember, I began writing them down, and had the world's longest series... unfortunately, I don't know where the manuscript, or should I say "scraps of paper" are now.

I stopped writing for some time when I moved to France because I had to focus on my studies and learn French to survive. Along the line, I developed insomnia, thanks to my coffee addiction, and it's been more than ten years and I still hardly sleep. For years, even after school and when I started working, I spent time forcing myself to sleep at night until 2013 when I decided to channel all my energy into writing. Within two months, I wrote one novel, one novella and one short story. The next year, I wrote three novels and another novella, and since then, the writing machine just keeps writing. I have basically been buried in my computer writing non-stop, and it's part of the reason why I'm the last to discover everything... social media platforms, ebook publishing and platforms, Patreon, etc.

Why Patreon?

When I started working, I was unable to write as much as I wanted and all the many ideas I had kept me up at night, played with my dreams if I eventually slept and followed me about even when I was awake. But breakthrough came when I decided to start a family, and I had a baby in 2017. It wasn't a tough decision to make, I decided to put work on hold and take care of my family, especially my newborn who, by the way, I collaborated with to write a book about the before-life, of his time spent growing in my tummy... that's how far my thoughts go. I create amazing stories.

I write whenever I have the opportunity, which is every time, and I want to keep writing, I want to keep the machine running and I don't want my ideas to get lost. Joining Patreon means that you can help me keep the machine running with your support.

And what do you get in return? ALL my amazing stories, electronic versions for now, and who knows, maybe in the future, print versions delivered to your doorstep. You will also get to follow my writing process for each project: where I get ideas from; how I develop the idea, how I draw up and develop the plot and how I discipline myself to complete my project within a given deadline. You will also be able to contribute and make suggestions to the storyline, and get a fictional representation of yourself if you want. Isn't that cool? And best of all, you'll be given credit at the end of each creation. Yes, your name will appear on it.

So you've met me now. What do you think? Shall we begin?
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